On our radar: Natalie Prass, Phoebe Bridgers, Aly & AJ and more

Spice up your summer with tracks ranging from feelings of longing to rebellion.


Summer is in full swing which means unthinkable amounts of instantly classic bops that we think deserve to be cranked up loud. We promise these tunes from a strong group of up-and-coming artists won’t disappoint.

Natalie Prass – ‘Short Court Style’

Following the debut of her first album ‘The Future And The Present,’ Natalie Prass delivers groovy vibes in her song ‘Short Court Style.’ Prass delves into figuring out a troubled relationship in a funky tone. Discussing the process behind coming up with all her vibrant tracks, Prass says “Usually, the melody and chords come to me pretty effortlessly, and then I start building from there… I have people who help me fill in lyrics and help me put my thoughts together… the chords and the melody are what I feel most confident about.”

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Phoebe Bridgers – ‘Motion Sickness’

Phoebe Bridgers is the epitome of “cool.” With her album ‘Stranger in the Alps,’ she shows off a range of talents—from her unique, heart-wrenching songwriting to her haunting, gentle voice. While most of her tracks reminisce on the loss of relationships and heartbreak with a very solemn sound, ‘Motion Sickness’ is bit more lighthearted with its beat. Still reeling over a break-up, Bridgers gives us insight on the emotional turmoil with the opening lyrics, “I hate you for what you did/And I miss you like a little kid/I faked it every time but that’s alright/I can hardly feel anything/I hardly feel anything at all.”

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Kim Petras – ‘Can’t Do Better’

Looking for perfect pop track to belt the lyrics to while driving with the windows down? Kim Petras gives us that and more in her brand new track ‘Can’t Do Better.’ When she stepped onto the scene with her first song ‘I Don’t Want It at All’ in 2017, she became a strong voice for the transgender community. While music is her passion, Petras is insistent on not letting her transgender identity be overshadowed. “I’ve been asked in a meeting at a company I was debating signing with if I was transgender because it’s trendy,” says the pop songstress. “I’m like, ‘Bitch, I’ve been transgender my whole life.'” After undergoing gender-affirmation surgery, Petras pursued a music career but claimed she wasn’t taken seriously in her home country of Germany and eventually decided to give it another try in the U.S. She’s making waves here, slowly gaining traction on the charts and certainly an impressive pop force to be reckoned. Also, catch her on tour with Troye Sivan this upcoming fall for his worldwide Bloom Tour.

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Aly & AJ – ‘Good Love’

We’ve shown plenty of love towards pop duo Aly & AJ but could it ever really be enough? With a loyal fanbase since they started out on Disney Channel, the sisters took a break from music as Aly & AJ—not releasing a song for a whole decade. Some would be a bit perplexed and probably lose faith in the possibility of ever hearing a catchy pop song from their teen idols again. But their popularity is still fairly high among faithful fans. Just finishing up a tour throughout the U.S., Aly & AJ released an EP that included four 80’s synth-pop tracks that left us drooling and of course, they couldn’t stop there. During their tour, the pair performed a new record that stays true to the refreshing sound they’ve cultivated for themselves. ‘Good Love’ is an emphatic, synthesized dream that makes us feel like we’re living in our favorite 80’s movie.

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Betty Who – ‘Just Thought You Should Know’

Earlier this year, Betty Who announced she would be leaving her record label RCA due to creative differences. “A business relationship is like any other relationship; it’s hard to justify continuing to try and make something work when it’s very obvious that neither of you wants the same thing,” the singer says in an interview for NYLON in January. Since then, she’s released a new EP featuring a different type of sound and image for the dance-pop musician. Her latest single ‘Just Thought You Should Know’ is a hazy, early 90’s pop record that makes us excited for her upcoming era.

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The Band CAMINO – ‘Fool of Myself’

The Memphis native band are really establishing a fresh sound with their new single ‘Fool of Myself.’ The Band CAMINO formed just three years ago after the four members, Andrew Isbell, Jeffrey Jordan, Graham Rowell, and Spencer Stewart met at the University of Memphis and decided to follow their passion for music by becoming a band. Their debut EP ‘My Thoughts on You’ helped solidify their niche in alternative-pop music. Describing their sound as “80s pop production,” the group have risen to the top of our list of artists to watch.

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Mitski – ‘Nobody’

Need a lonely summer anthem? ‘Nobody’ by Mitski is the ideal track to help you drown your sorrows but in the most cheerful way possible. The singer gives us St. Vincent vibes as she croons about not having anyone to love and share her life with—yes, we know how depressing this sounds—despite its heavy meaning, it’s still a song you can dance to. You might even recognize Mitski—she just recently finished touring with superstar Lorde on her Melodrama World Tour. Also, be on the lookout for her upcoming album ‘Be the Cowboy‘ out on August 17.

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Maggie Rogers – ‘Fallingwater’

If you’re a big fan of the sister trio Haim, you’ll adore Maggie Rogers. Currently opening for the band on tour, Rogers has been gaining a steady amount of popularity. After the release of her debut EP ‘Now That The Light Is Fading,’ the singer established herself as an indie-pop queen. ‘Fallingwater’ captures the essence of going through change—the drowning feeling of not being able to keep up with all the things transitioning in life. It gives Rogers’ voice the chance to be at the forefront and makes us even more excited for the potential of her debut.

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HUNNY – ‘Rebel Red’

If you’re a fan of All Time Low, The Maine or even Fall Out Boy, HUNNY might be the next band to fulfill your obsession for alternative-pop. They recently released a new EP titled ‘Windows II,’ showing off their feel-good sound that could lift your mood instantly. They’re perfect tunes for listening to while driving with the windows down.

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Sasha Sloan – ‘Normal’

Closing out our list of artists to check out is the enigmatic Sasha Sloan. Her track ‘Normal’ is a chill, bubbly tune that reminisces on the feeling of introversion—something we can all relate to. Her EP ‘sad girl’ was released earlier this year and it’s a very honest look into the singer’s emotions, delving into subjects not many artists would be brave enough to touch. We’re looking forward to what the musician has in store for her debut—surely a truthful insight to any woman’s dark and deep feelings.

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