Harry Styles breaks record after record with his new single As It Was

The British Grammy winner’s last single conquered all streaming platform in few hours.


Last week, after teasing his fandom with lyrics and clues hidden behind a door every day and announcing that his third album – Harry’s House – is coming on 20th May, Harry Styles surprised everyone releasing its lead single ‘As It Was’, where the ’80s-style up-tempo beat is combined with synths, bells and the most vulnerable and melancholic lyrics.

Fans were so desperate for new music – missing from 2019! – from the British singer that it took the track only few hours to break different records on Spotify and Apple Music!

On April 1st, with 21.6 Million streams, ‘As It Was’ became Spotify’s most-streamed song globally in a single day in 2022 so far, overtaking Anitta’s ‘Envolver’ and its 8.6M streams in March, and the most streamed song by a male artist in a single day in the platform’s history. It also became the most streamed song in the US in a single day in Spotify history with 8.3 Million streams, overtaking Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘drivers license’ and its 8 Million streams in January.



On April 2nd, Harry’s tune became Apple Music’s most streamed song on the first day in 2022 so far and most streamed Spatial Audio release on the first day.

Selling over 100.000 units in the US, it’s also become the fastest selling single of the year so far. Having also more than double the chart sales of its competition, ‘As It Was’ is also aiming for #1 debut on this week’s UK singles chart; it would be Harry’s second track to achieve that after ‘Sign Of The Times’, the masterpiece he blessed us with as his first solo song ever in 2017.

Shazam of course wanted to join the party too and we can’t blame them.


And all of this happened in like 48 hours at most. I think we can all agree that this is Harry Styles’ world and we’re just living in it to help him break his own records.
As we should.

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