Ed Sheeran sings the praises of Camila Cabello’s vocal talents… collab pls?


Ed Sheeran is probably the busiest boy in pop music. When he’s not dominating with his own music, he’s penning songs for other artists; his latest being for Miss Camila Cabello.

The ‘Shape of You’ hitmaker wrote the song ‘The Boy’ for the former member of Fifth Harmony and believes it has potential to be as big as Beyoncé’s 2003 classic hit, ‘Crazy in Love’. Wow.

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Speaking to Hugo Gloss about the track, Mr Sheeran said: “I like that song a lot. I had a thought in my head… they said Camila was putting this record together so I was like I know what I want Camila to do as a singer. If I heard this song on the radio, I would be like Camila did that. I demoed up this song and sing really high as if I was a girl all these lyrics about being a girl and I sent it off to her and she kind of took it apart and made it sound like her and she’s changed 90 per cent of the lyrics on it. Now it exists. I don’t know what is happening with it, but it was fun.”

Camila has changed the entire song to suit her style and Ed’s not too sure on whether or not the track will make it to her debut solo album.

“I’ve heard a version. But I literally heard demo with the bass and the drum. It’s a bit James Brown-y. Do you know like when Beyonce first came out with ‘Crazy in Love’. It’s sass, big vocals. Camila has a voice that should be shown off so that’s why I did that. I don’t know if the song will end up on the record, I haven’t heard anything about it.”

Watch the interview below…

We cannot wait to hear the song and are hoping to see a Camila and Ed collaboration in the near future.

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