The UK General Election 2017: What You Need To Know


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks, then you will be well aware of the upcoming UK election on the 8th June. All parties have delivered their manifestos and have been doing some serious campaigning, in the hope of leading the UK out of ‘Brexit’ without completely destroying our diminishing economy. What initially began as Theresa May attempting to cement her place in Downing Street, has developed into this unexpected, exciting run-up to the election, where change appears imminent and within reach.

It’s completely normal and OK to not be clued up on politics. It can be confusing and with constant conflicting misinformation from the media which pushes a certain agenda, it can completely fry your brain. Reading the full manifesto for every party can also be quite tedious, so I’ve summed up what I feel is important information for us youngens, in the hope that it won’t appear quite so daunting. It doesn’t matter who you vote for as long as it’s an informed and educated decision, but please remember that voting is important and this is going to affect the whole future of you and everyone you know.

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The Labour Party are fighting to represent the ‘normal’ working class citizen and have focused their campaign on being for the many, not the few. Jeremy Corbyn has gained the support of a fair number of celebrities including JME, Stormzy, Lily Allen & Danny DeVito and has highlighted the importance of community, saving our NHS and putting an end to austerity.

  • Minimum wage increased to £10 PH
  • Commit to £30 Billion in NHS funding over the next five years.
  • Free School meals for all children.
  • Scrapping student tuition fees.
  • Putting an end to zero-hour contracts.
  • Renationalisation of the railways, energy companies and the royal mail.
  • Negotiate a Brexit deal based on putting the economy and living standards first.
  • Build at least 100,000 council and housing association homes a year.
  • Introducing another four bank holidays.

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The Lib Dem’s again, are keen to be a fair representation of the working class citizen with their main policies focusing on a second EU referendum, legalising cannabis and saving the NHS.

  • A second EU referendum.
  • 1p extra on income tax across the board, to help fund the NHS.
  • The legalisation of cannabis with a fully operational market.
  • The mental health waiting list to match those in physical health care.
  • Reinstate the maintenance grant for students from low-income families.

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The Conservative party’s main focus has been to negotiate the best deal for ‘Brexit’. The appeal for the younger generation is uncertain, but they are looking to lower immigration numbers and create a ‘strong and stable’ Britain.

  • To administer a smooth departure from the EU.
  • Increase the NHS budget by £8 Billion per year by 2022/23.
  • Bring net migration figures down to tens of thousands.
  • Build one million homes by the end of 2020.
  • Lift the ban on fox hunting.
  • Scrap free school lunches for infants and introduce free breakfasts instead.

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A party with such major environmental focus has brought some seriously radical ideas to the table this election. With their main pledge to put “young people first” they are proposing a second EU referendum and a shorter working week. (Where do I sign up?)

  • A second EU referendum.
  • A 4 day working week, following in the Scandinavian footsteps of less working hours.
  • Scrapping tuition fees and reintroducing the maintenance grant.
  • Lowering the voting age to 16.
  • To introduce a universal basic income.

Obviously, these aren’t your only options and if you’re a resident of Scotland or Wales I would additionally urge you to read the manifestos of SNP and Plaid Cymru. If you’re still stuck then there are also the following little tools to help you out.

Happy voting and remember, the future is in your hands.

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