7 craziest things fans have done for their idols


The love a fan has for their idol is incredible. Sometimes, a bit too incredible. The length that some fans go to prove their love for their favourites is a bit… extreme, to say the least.

Last week a BTS fan name Kaylee tweeted a photo of herself with a hammer in her mouth, and it quickly went viral. The reason for her doing so? Because Suga (AKA Min Yoon-gi) dyed his hair.

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Well… we can’t say we’ve seen this happen before. But we have seen some other highly dedicated fans in our time. Of course, we’re going to give you examples…

1. The lippy Lovato

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One time, a majorly dedicated Demi Lovato fan decided to get the singer’s name tattooed…. on her lip. Demi was pretty psyched about the whole thing, tweeting, “AHHH!! THAT’S AWESOME!! hahaha wow. I’m honored!!!”

2. Louis for infinity


Every 1D fan should remember that time that hardcore 1D fan, Aymee, got an entire portrait of Louis Tomlinson on her arm. Like, this baby will be there forever and always… you could say for infinity.

3. Justin and Alina – til hair do us part

After meeting her hero, Justin Bieber, superfan Alina cut off the chunk of her hair that touched Justin’s chest. We’re just thankful she didn’t cut her arm off, too.

4. An impromptu Lady Gaga meet and greet

While performing in Japan, a fan decided to jump onto stage – which led to Gaga’s dancers swiftly swinging the stage invader back into the crowd. (Ironic how Lady G is singing the ‘Bad Romance’ lyrics “I don’t wanna be friends” at this exact moment.)

5. A stage dive without consent

Back in 2013, a die-hard Beyoncé fan grabbed Queen B by the shoulders to try and get her into the crowd. A security guard managed to save the day, thank god, and Beyoncé resumed singing ‘Irreplaceable’ flawlessly.

6. Kanye loves Kanye… no, seriously

Kimye who? A superfan of the rapper proved her love for him by changing her name from Linda Resa to Kanye Resa West. Her reason? “I legally changed my name so that I could use my name to get the man that I really love. I was doing it to stand out, to get his attention.”

7. Liam Payne goes commando

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Who could forget the time that fans in Australia broke into Liam’s hotel room and stole a pair of his boxers?! The photo of them with the underwear is just iconic.

Have you ever done something on the extreme side for your idols or know of someone who has? Tweet us @unitedbypop so we can hear all about it.

Featured image source: BTS and fan

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