Lorde travels to Perfect Places in new music video


Lorde is no stranger to delivering a unique aesthetic—each music video, single and album different in their own way. With the latest video for her new single of her sophomore album ‘Melodrama,’ ‘Perfect Places’ shows her dancing on the beaches of a tropical island, clad in a long, avant-garde dress. Wandering through a forest, dancing by the fire and she’s even lounging back on a dining chair, surrounded by plates of fancy food, drinking straight from a wine bottle—all things we wish we could do on our holidays.Lorde goes to perfect places in new music video

The video, directed by Grant Singer who also collaborated with Lorde for her video for ‘Green Light,’ gives off the feel of wanting to be whisked away to a luxurious location, not having to worry about the turmoil going on in your real life and Lorde manages to make it seem effortless.  With stunning visuals, ‘Perfect Places’ only adds to the nostalgia that the song exudes.

‘Perfect Places’ is the second single off ‘Melodrama’, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Chart after its June 16 release. She’s been breaking records ever since, along with a world tour that begins in September 2017 in the UK and finishing up in the U.S. in April 2018.

At just 20 years old, Lorde has made phenomenal waves in the music industry, earning her huge amounts of recognition for her creative passion and lyrical works, giving many artists today a run for their money. All we know is, she’s making us envious as she casually lounges by the water on a vacation that seems to last forever.

Listen to ‘Melodrama’ here.

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