Camila Cabello releases psychofreak with WILLOW

Her new album Familia is out now


Camila Cabello has teamed up with WILLOW on a collab titled ‘psychofreak’. The song is the third single from Camila’s album Familia which was released today. Camila kicked the era off with ‘Don’t Go Yet’ last summer and has spent the last few weeks promoting her latest track ‘Bam Bam’ with Ed Sheeran.

‘psychofreak’ is an extremely catchy bop that sees Camila explore her own anxieties. The lyrics reveal Camila’s experience growing up in the public eye and how she feels different from not only others, but also her old self.

House in the hills is a house of cards
Blink and the fairytale falls apart
Sorry, didn’t mean to get so dark

Maybe I’m an alien, Earth is hard

Camila also appears to reference her former Fifth Harmony bandmates and how she doesn’t blame them for what happened following her departure from the group in 2016.

Sorry, couldn’t focus on the movie
Everybody says they miss the old me
I been on this ride since I was fifteen
I don’t blame the girls for how it went down, down

‘psychofreak’ was released alongside a super cool music video featuring both singers. The dark pop video is a trippy experience, with the pair walking on ceilings as the walls begin to shift. They’re serving looks in all-black outfits – Camilla in a blazer with wet look hair, while WILLOW rocks a leather trench coat.

Listen to Camila’s new album Familia, featuring 11 new tracks, here.

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