ARMY celebrate across the globe as RM turns 26

Fans across the globe come together to celebrate RM of BTS and his birthday today!


BTS‘s leader and main rapper RM (Kim Namjoon) is celebrating his 26th birthday, and fans all around the world are not missing out on the opportunity to celebrate with him and share their love for him at events and online. Writing a huge amount of the groups lyrics, RM truly does deserve all the celebrations across the globe. Of course, a huge birthday present for his this year is having their new song Dynamite reach Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 for the second week in a row. ARMY have known this to be a huge aspiration for BTS, and there couldn’t be more perfect timing for BTS and RM to reach this milestone in their career.

ARMY across the globe have been throwing parties, spreading online content, as well as turning cities into what can only be described as an RM theme park! In Seoul, his home city, fans have been sharing countless pictures of Billboards filling the streets and subway stations all in celebration of his birthday, and signs can even be spotted on public transport such as buses! Café events are also extremely popular within the K-Pop world, so check to see if there is an RM one near you, with fans giving out free photocards, stickers and more, as well as many cafes celebrating with a signature drink! Clearly, with a talent like RM, there is so much to celebrate. His speech at the UN is something that sticks with so many, just like the messages within his music. If you can’t celebrate outdoors this time round, be sure to listen to some of his best music, or take a look at his music videos online! However you spend RMs birthday, it is sure to be a special one!

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