BTS Jin is the voice behind the new OST of the drama Jirisan

"Yours" is a beautiful ballad sung by BTS Jin


A few weeks ago it was revealed that BTS’ Jin would be singing one of the OSTs of the new tvN’s mystery drama Jirisan. The news got ARMY all excited about it and they looked forward to the song dropping this Sunday.

It’s been a while since any BTS member was part of an OST, the last ones being “It’s Definitely You” sung by V and Jin himself, for “Hwarang”, a drama that V was cast in 2016 and “Sweet Night” that V composed for “Itaweon Class”.

“Jirisan” is named after the Jiri Mountains in South Korea and the drama revolves around two rangers of the Jirisan National Park who climb through the mountain to save and rescue people who get lost. The mystery lies in the unexplored regions of the park and the people who lose their lives in the mountains.

“Yours” is a beautiful ballad about feeling like you’re trapped in the dark by yourself while longing for someone. “I am waiting for you here at this place”, “every night I see you in my heart”.

Jin’s vocals fit beautifully with the song and show all his potential as a vocalist just like all of his solo songs.

ARMY has been endlessly praising Jin and the song.

You can listen to the song on the video below.

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