BTS announce new English single coming in August

The announcement was made during a voice only V Live this Sunday led by Jin, Jimin and Jungkook who received the other members as guests.


Before talking about the new single, each member of BTS told the fans what they’ve been up to due to their much-less-busy schedule compared to the ones they’ve had for the last few years.

RM is taking his time to work on the production of the new album, go for walks and work out. While Jungkook is using a learning app to improve his English and Suga has been taking some rest after writing a lot of song and working on his latest mixtape, D-2, he said he’s been studying and practicing music instruments again. Jimin even teased posting a video of Suga playing the guitar. V is working on the band’s new album as well and also his mixtape that he hopes to have done this year.

The members also talked about their upcoming album that they hopefully will release by the end of the year. The members expressed their excitement for ARMY to listen to this album since they’ve been working on it a lot and each member has had an important and much closer role in the making of the album.

V was chosen to deliver the great surprise for the fans: On August 21st, their new single will be available on every music streaming platform.

J-Hope added that the single is in English and they hope that the song will bring the fans some healing and happiness during this difficult moment everybody is facing. He compared the single to “Waste It On Me” and “Mic Drop,” so expect an upbeat summer song.

The hashtag #BTSISCOMING was trending worldwide on Twitter a few minutes after the end of the live, and even though there isn’t much information about the new single, not even the song title, ARMY is already making plans to support BTS to keep breaking all the records they most definitely can.

We will be counting the days until August 21st streaming Map Of The Soul 7 to prepare ourselves for another BTS masterpiece.

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