You have to watch New Hope Club’s Jukebox Sessions

The trio are back doing their weekly covers with their new mini series named ‘The Jukebox Sessions’!


New Hope Club announced that they would be putting out a weekly Jukebox session. This consists of the boys being together and literally just having a jamming session, and recording a new cover in a different setting. They’ve dubbed it as a ‘mini- series’ and are planning on releasing five. So far, they’ve already released three with each of them being released on New Hope Club’s YouTube channel.

Alongside releasing new covers, they have also asked their fans to participate and interact with them by submitting their own artwork under the #JukeboxSessions hashtag on Twitter. So if you have any New Hope Club fan art, submit it to them for a chance of them seeing it!

The first cover that the boys did was to celebrate what would’ve been John Lennon’s 80th birthday. George, Reece and Blake are no strangers to admitting how much The Beatles have inspired them along their musical journeys so it was only fitting for them to do a Beatles cover. You can watch it down below.

For the second session, they covered Corrine Bailey Rae’s popular song ‘Put Your Records On’. The song has soared through the charts since it became popular on TikTok. Let’s be real, it has been stuck in all of our heads for weeks. You can watch New Hope Club’s cover of it down below.

The third cover that they’ve put out is a Conan Grey cover. Blake, Reece and George covered the country pop song ‘The Story’ much to their fans’ delight. You can watch this cover down below.

There are still two more sessions that New Hope Club have to share with us, so keep checking up on their social media pages to know when the next two will drop. Which is your favourite Jukebox Session so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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