My Shawn Mendes World Tour experience


Words cannot describe how amazing it was seeing Shawn Mendes perform. I’ve waited so long (two years) for this moment. I blame my friend for making me listen to ‘Stitches’. It was life-changing. And so was the Shawn Mendes World Tour.

I remember making a YouTube video about discovering him. I was freaking out over his voice and how hot he looked. Then I found out he was only 17 years old. I was 21 at the time.

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It’s fine now. He’s 18. The curse had been lifted. Adam is free. Anyways, I slowly became obsessed with Shawn and his music. I bought his first album and fell in love with his voice and his lyrics. Ever since then, I knew I had to see him live. So when Shawn announced he was coming to Australia, I knew my time had come. The bad news? He was only coming to Sydney. Not to worry, my friend and I bought tickets anyways and organised flights from Melbourne.

Do I regret it? Not at all. Because what I experienced was beyond epic.

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Shawn came out on stage and he looked so freaking sexy, those muscles. And his neck vein. DEAD. Every time he played the guitar his muscles were ugh. But moving on to the actual music.

I had already scoped the set list earlier so I was prepared for anything. Uhh nope. Scratch that. Shawn decided to sing a whole bunch of songs from his new album, ‘Illuminate‘. Excuse me as I pass out. I wasn’t ready. Granted, I still knew the lyrics but you gotta warn a poor soul. I kept coughing cause I was literally yelling the lyrics. Oops.

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Shawn sang at least six songs from ‘Illuminate’ including one of my favourites, ‘Lights On’. I was in awe. He hadn’t even sang some of these live before, I was honoured. God bless. But oh my god, when ‘Mercy’ started playing I died. I’ve always wanted to hear Shawn sing it in his raspy voice. God is that you? Because I think I’m in heaven. I think I teared up. IT WAS PERFECTION. The crowd went nuts. And of course, ‘Stitches’ was the final song. Insane.

The mosh pit below me was hilarious. One girl tried to jump the security guard to get on stage. REALLY? And at least five other girls had to be escorted out. You waited so long to be in the front row of mosh, and you ruined it. Honestly, bunch of twats.

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I want to shout out my friend, Cass, who stood in line to get merchandise for us. Love you long time. We got the tour t-shirts. And they had a small size. They never have any left. Thanks, Shawn. All in all, I had the best night and I will definitely be flying to another concert. Until next time.

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The Shawn Mendes World Tour t-shirt

P.S. apologies to the girl sitting next to me. I hit her in the head while I was swaying my arms in the air. I felt so bad, please forgive me. Do you think she needed stitches afterwards? (PUN INTENDED).

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