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Are you a budding book blogger? Or do you simply want to have your say on some of the best new literary releases? You’ve come to the right place, United By Pop’s ‘Reader Reviews’ lets you do exactly that. By filling out the form and registering your interest below, you’ll be placed in the running to receive a FREE copy of Andy Mulligan’s ‘Liquidator’.


I got a copy! What happens next?


If you’re a lucky reviewer we’ll give you a few weeks to read and digest the epic read we’ve just sent you. After this we’ll email you a set of questions to answer about the book you’ve just read, we want you to be honest, so let us know what you really felt. Did you hate it? Love it? Read it 3 times in the bath? Write everything down and don’t be afraid to really go to town.


What’s ‘Liquidator’ about?


It’s an insane, heart-stopping chase that leaves you breathless, as a gallery of child-heroes works to expose a cynical and hideous crime. It took Andy two and a half years to write, and after Jamie Oliver’s latest sugar-warnings it feels ridiculously topical: a multi-national corporation is aiming to addict the world to its brand-new energy drink. What’s the drink? – Liquidator. Available in six different flavours, it will set you on fire! – not least because the stuff is packed with deeply dodgy stimulants that keep you crawling back for more. Road tested in the developing world, the drink has already left a trail of destruction, and the company lawyers are burying the evidence. That’s the scandal, and the kids crack it wide open.



We’ve got 10 copies up for review, to be in with a chance just fill out the form below.

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