The most streamed women in the top 100 on Spotify

These female artists are killing it on the platform, here are their most streamed songs


It’s International Women’s Day and here at United By Pop we celebrate the women in music who are making history every day. Today we bring you the artists who are topping the Spotify Chart for most streamed songs of all time.

We bet some of your favorite female artists have made this list.

Tones and I – Dance Monkey

With this 2019 hit, Tones and I is the first woman at the top of the list, being “Dance Monkey” the third song with more streams on the platform. She topped charts in over 30 countries and broke the UK Singles Chart record becoming the female artist to spend most weeks at the top of the chart.

Tones explained in an interview that “Dance Monkey” is about the days she went busking on the streets in Australia and how much pressure she felt trying to entertain the people who stopped by to listen to her.

Billie Eilish – Bad Guy, Lovely & When The Party’s Over

Billie Eilish appears three times at the top 100 on Spotify. First with “bad guy” at number 10, then at number 27 we have her song “lovely” featuring Khalid and “when the party’s over” at number 92.

Another bop from 2019, “bad guy” was a huge success and won two important Grammys, Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year. “when the party’s over” like “bad guy” belongs to Billie’s first studio album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?  “lovely” is part of the soundtrack of the second season of13 Reasons Why.

Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now & New Rules

Both lead singles of her second and first album, “Don’t Start Now” is at 19 while “New Rules” is at position number 35 on the list. Both songs are really different from each other, as with her second album, Future Nostalgia, Dua wanted to try something different from her previous one.

“New Rules” the all time breakup anthem was released in 2017 but we still keep it in our playlists, because a bop is a bop, it does not matter how long it’s been released.

Lady Gaga – Shallow

This soundtrack from the movie A Star Is Born is definitely one people keep streaming since its release. After all, who hasn’t jumped headfirst into love without looking back?

At position number 22, this track is an Oscar winner for Best Original Song in 2019.

Camila Cabello – Havana & Señorita

Camila’s greatest singles, “Havana” and “Señorita” appear in high positions on the chart. An ode to her hometown “Havana” is about the singer falling in love with a bad guy from the city. And “Señorita” , a collaboration with her ex boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, is about a steamy relationship.

Both songs became a huge success on the radio and on all digital platforms, and now carry the 25th and 9th positions on the chart.

Ariana Grande – 7 Rings & thank u, next

Two huge successes from her album “thank u, next”, both tracks made it to the 100 most streamed songs. The catchy “7 rings” in which Ariana boasts about money and other luxuries and in “thank u, next” she sings about her exes and the experiences that came with those relationships.

These atemporal bops are at 29 and 58 on the list.

Halsey – Without Me

Number 59 on the list, this track is directed to G-Eazy, Halsey’s ex boyfriend. It shows really personal feelings after being in a very public relationship. Feelings expressed in the song are so relatable that it is impossible not to keep listening to it if you have it on your playlist.

Olivia Rodrigo – drivers license & good 4 u

Olivia’s world domination started in 2021 and it hasn’t stopped. Her singles “drivers license” and “good 4 u” keep getting streamed like they’ve just been released. Both breakup anthems give us different feelings, while “drivers license” is a painful and full of sorrow track, “good 4 u” is that post breakup song for when we don’t care about anything anymore.

Both songs are brand new on the list, just entered it at number 89 and 98 and are still going up.

Which of these songs do you keep on your playlists?

Happy International Women’s Day and let’s keep streaming women!

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