Miley Cyrus rocks the Super Bowl with concert for healthcare heroes

Thousands of fans across the world tuned in for the event


Miley Cyrus kicked off Super Bowl Sunday with a bang as she headlined NFL’s ‘TikTok Tailgate’. The pop star performed an exclusive concert for 7,500 healthcare workers, from Tampa and around the country. who all received free entry to the big game.

Thousands of fans across the world tuned in for the concert which saw Miley perform hits from her latest album Plastic Hearts alongside a string of covers and some classic fan favourites . She also surprised the crowd with some special guests, bringing out Billy Idol for their duet ‘Night Crawling’ and Joan Jett for ‘Bad Karma’.

The incredible vocals weren’t the only star of the show though, Miley lived up to (and exceeded) expectation when it came to her styling and set design. She wowed the crowd in a rocker chick cheerleader outfit, complete with hot pink kneepads, before changing into a sparkly football uniform. “It’s not costume, it’s custom” she explains. We hear you, girl!

There’s only one question left now… when’s Miley gonna bag herself the halftime show?

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