Mike Posner’s powerful third album A Real Good Kid


Life is about as unexpected as Mike Posner’s career and I guess you never really know what’s going to happen. Grammy Nominated Mike Posner has shared success with the likes of mega stars from Justin Bieber and Maroon 5 to Pharrell, Big Sean and Avicii in addition to yielding mass success as a solo artist. Back in 2010 ‘Cooler Than Me’ soared him to solo success becoming double platinum which then became outshined by his 2016 follow up ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ as it amassed 3 billion worldwide streams becoming a 4X platinum mega hit.

On track 5, Posner calmly speaks “I feel like I’m always running away”. His third album vitiates this statement as raw emotion grips the ear provoking heart wrenching experience of his compelling truths coping with the passing of his father.

The basis of Mike’s third studio album is to tell his experience of love, loss and acceptance.

The creation and completion of ‘A Real Good Kid’ encompasses an extraordinary two year-plus period for Mike as he moved back into the house outside Detroit where he grew up, in order to stay with his terminally ill father during his final months.

Across the 11 track album Mike seamlessly encapsulates his emotional journey with deep cutting lyrics and a mixture of punchy, rock-edged instrumentals contrasted by angelic harmonies amd acoustic guitars. The album divulges into various different emotions intertwining highs and lows for a compelling musical experience.

From a place of helplessness in ‘Stuck in the middle’ to “one last song for his father” in the mellow ‘How It’s Supposed To Be’ the album consists of a diverse mixture between insightful slow jams to punchier up tempo tracks which combine for a piece of cohesive perfection.

‘A Real Good Kid’ creates a sonic journey fuelled by emotion with highs and lows, experimentation and a captivating story that is the perfect ode to his late father and an artistic offering to be proud of.

Mike’s third album is now available across all streaming platforms and on iTunes for purchase.

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