Måneskin experiment with a new sound on their album RUSH!

Is RUSH! already the album of 2023?


Måneskin have created a big name for themselves after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. Due to their unique sound of Italian rock, the band consisting of Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio became world famous. It was therefore hoped that the foursome would soon come up with a brand new album. The new album RUSH! must now respond to that, but it is still different from what we are used to.

After the band gave each other the big yes word very quickly on their RUSH! Wedding party at Spotify, it’s finally high time to turn on the long-awaited album. The album starts with ‘OWN MY MIND’, a good track to start with. Instrumentally it is already well put together and with the voice of Damiano David, this can’t go wrong at all. You can immediately hear that there are more American influences on the album than what we are used to from the band. With the third song ‘TIMEZONE’, a big switch starts to come. The song sounds like a rock ballad, but when you hear that this song is about how the band has been feeling for the past year, you understand where the feeling comes from.

Later on you also pass ‘GASOLINE’ and ‘KOOL KIDS’, two songs that the band has already played at shows. While ‘GASOLINE’ is very nice to listen to, ‘KOOL KIDS’ is more of a song where you wonder what Måneskin is doing; It sounds like singer Damiano David is talking drunk into a microphone. Fortunately, we forget that again when ‘IF NOT FOR YOU’ comes on, where Damiano’s true voice comes up again and sings a beautiful ballad.

Halfway through the album you start to wonder if Måneskin really forgot their Italian roots. Fortunately, that changes when ‘MARK CHAPMAN’ comes on — a typical Måneskin song followed by ‘LA FINE’ and an Italian ballad ‘IL DONO DELLA VITA’, which sounds amazing. The album is wraps up with the band’s three biggest hits of the moment; ‘MAMMAMIA’, ‘SUPERMODEL’ and ‘THE LONELIEST’.

It is obvious that the band has gone in a different direction with their music and although it is certainly not a bad album, is it a pity that Måneskin has lost their unique sound. Yet this band shows that they continue to experiment and complement each other well; both vocals and instruments, in the end the overall picture is complete and they do really show that rock’n’roll never dies!

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