Interview: Lucy Spraggan talks ‘Dear You’ and mental health


Lucy Spraggan returns with her new and emotional single, ‘Dear You’, where for the first time she also directed the music video. We had a chat with the singer-songwriter to find out more about the song, and just why she feels that mental health is an important topic to cover in her songs.


We love your new music video for ‘Dear You’, which is very emotional but beautiful – what was it like co-directing such a serious yet moving video?

It was an amazing experience. Working with Thomas Turgoose was just something else. At one point, in the part where he is crying at the end of the video, I had to leave the set. His acting was so overwhelming and knowing that it was going to be part of the song I became overwhelmed too and started to get tears in my eyes. I felt very lucky to be able to be part of it.

Normally a music video is seen to be upbeat behind the scenes – would you say that the emotions behind the video had an impact on the moods while shooting?

It definitely did on the second day of shooting when we were covering the scenes where the character starts to breakdown. It very much changed the atmosphere of the shoot. Again, Tom’s ability made it all so convincing, so it was difficult to be anything other than sombre. 

The track is a ballad written with the topic of mental health in mind – why was this such an important topic for you to pursue in your music? 

Mental health has been a massive part of my life, whether I wanted it to be or not, and I write about my life and from my experiences. This was an important thing for me to do and it was definitely cathartic to share my experiences of mental health through this song. I want more people to talk and for less people to feel alone; if this song gets one person to reach out then I’d be so happy.

What advice would you give to people going through a difficult journey with mental health? 

Don’t go it alone. Even if that’s all you can think of doing. The most important thing is to talk and to share the way you feel. It seems easy to bottle up your feelings, but it doesn’t work in the long time.

You have a new album releasing next year – how would you describe the sound? 

It’s going to be more of a live album this time around. I’m going down to the studio every week to give my input and see what I’d like to change. I’m very involved in the making of this album!

How would you describe your writing process – do you have to be in a specific place or have anything with you, like a cup of tea? 

Usually all I need is my phone. Sounds odd but most of my songs start off in my ‘notes’ in my iPhone! Ideas come out of nowhere most of the time, but I always have my phone with me.

Do you have any stories from your writing and recording sessions to share?

I’m recording the album in a very rough industrial estate in Newport, Wales. It’s very funny when I nip out to get some food… I love a rough diamond, but it is kinda scary round there.

Besides your new album, what do we have to look forward from you? 

I’m about to release the dates of the biggest tour I’ve ever done. I’m so, so, so excited. It’s the part of my job I love most and I can’t wait.

Last question; what would you say is your life motto? 

Work hard and be treat people the way you’d want to be treated.  Also, the whole ‘if you can’t say anything nice’ line. I’m a firm believer in that.

Pre-order ‘Dear You’ on iTunes, here.

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