Who is this James Cherry that Louis Tomlinson’s been tweeting about?


If Louis Tomlinson tweets (seemingly out of the blue) about an artist you’ve never heard of, chances are you need to check them out ASAP. Which is exactly what we did after Louis shared his love for James Cherry.



James appeared totally blindsided by Louis’s tweet, replying, “Woah, you little legend! I’ve never had this many notifications in my life haha. Nah but thanks fella!” He even posted a screen shot of the tweet on Facebook, adding, “BRB, just going for a pint with my new mate..”


As for his music, James’ genre is listed as “aggressive soul.” His undeniably strong, soothing voice shines in the chorus of ‘Why Don’t You Listen’, which sounds like a cool mix of Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, and something a bit edgier and all his own.



Louis’s power over social media is undeniable, made evident by the 300,000 plays of ‘Why Don’t You Listen’ on Spotify that occurred after his single tweet.



James Cherry is currently an independent artist self-releasing his music, and Louis Tomlinson might just be looking to fill slots on his own record company. Sounds like a match made.


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