Girls Music Day aims to inspire and involve young women in a male dominated industry


For many of us, working within the creative sector is something that we’ve aspired to since a young age, whether that’s performing for a living or doing something more behind the scenes. Unfortunately like the vast majority of professions, the music industry is also largely male dominated with 67.8% of jobs being fulfilled by a bloke.



Similarly, only 6% of women in the business earn more than £29,000, compared with 22% of men. But it’s not all doom and gloom if you’re a strong independent woman looking to get your break in the world of music, as DICE announce the line-up for the second Girls Music Day.



Taking place on July 23rd at Sonos Studios, the event will feature talks from the likes of Laura Marling and Lucy Rose plus QnAs, and tutorials covering everything from drumming to guitar, PR to A&R, and a few on the day surprises.






Speaking about the event Jen Long, Music Editor at DICE said, ‘We ran the first Girls Music Day in March and it was such an enthralling and rewarding experience, I can’t wait to do it all again. There aren’t enough women headlining festivals, running record labels, or working mixing desks, and complaining on social media won’t fix that. Instead we need positive action, and it’s a testament to our industry that so many brilliant women have offered up their time to help inspire the next generation.’



All sessions are free and open to girls and women aged between 14-24 via a ballot on DICE.


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