Louies, let’s join the Kill My Mind Project!

Louis Tomlinson’s amazing fans launch a project to support the single Kill My Mind.


The devil in our brain whispering Louis’ name – works hard but Louies work harder: Louis Tomlinson’s fans are back with Kill My Mind Project, another wonderful initiative to support the opening track from his amazing debut album Walls.

Enticed by the incredible achievements of the Project Defenceless, Louies are now determined to do justice to another underrated single that deserves all the attention and recognition in the world – just like Louis’ whole discography, so true.

In the carrd, made by a lovely Louie, you can find all you need to know about the project, tips to make sure your streaming count, focused playlists, information about airplay and so much more; it’s all very clear and also very pretty so check it out!

The goals go from increasing KMM streaming on Spotify, to increasing the views of the official music video on Youtube, to making it more popular on TikTok – yeah Louis, deal with it! – and I have no doubt we can achieve every single one of them as we have always done in the past.

For any further information, you can also check all the hardworking update accounts always there to join this kind of initiatives, or this detailed thread by one of the creators of the #kmmproject.

Kill My Mind’ means a lot to Tomlinson himself since it is the first single of what we can define as the LT1 era; the first single after his public statement about “turning a page”, the first single he felt totally “comfortable” with and true to himself.
When it was released, Louis declared: “Where I’m at with this single I’m actually really proud and relieved to finally find my place, find my lane musically.”
When asked about his favourite tracks from Walls or to perform live, Tommo always mentions ‘Kill My Mind’ and who are we not to listen to our one and only king?

The Kill My Mind Project is already showing its results: 20 months after its release, it is now charting again on iTunes in 30+ countries… excellent start!


And Louis himself, who sees literally EVERYTHING, already acknowledged it and thanked his fans as usual because he’s just the best!

He also decided to attack us letting us know he had “Another great day writing today!” – no snippets though, how rude! – so while we wait for LT2 to come at our necks and souls let’s join together Kill My Mind Project and show Tomlinson he’s right about us being the most loyal and dedicated (but also lowkey insane) fans ever!

As a wise wise man more than once sang, Louies:
“You kill my mind
Raise my body back to life
And I don’t know what I’d do without you now” and I am sure Louis doesn’t either ❤️



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  1. Ema says

    I love all the articles on here written by you, a true directioner and a louie! Did you hear about #projectotb too perhaps? It’s a pride project for June organized by Louies on Twitter, Tumblr and TikTok. You could check it out and write about it too, I’d love you forever (I already do anyway) <3

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