Is Louis Tomlinson about to break us all with I Broke It All?

A new song listing Walls singer as a co-writer was just registered on PRS.


It was a quiet November Thursday afternoon, we were all already looking forward to the weekend, when @LTxPromo decided to “ruin” our peace and drop the bomb: a new song, listing Louis Tomlinson as composer/author, has been registered on PRS.

It was not registered by Tomlinson himself, but by James Robert Earp – co-writer of Lewis Capaldi‘s ‘Bruises’ – on behalf of his publisher Concord; Earp and singer-songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich are the other registered writers.
Of course, we should try to stay calm and keep our feet on the ground because we don’t even know if the track will ever be released, or performed, and by who.

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Are you wondering on a scale from 1 to us Louies how hard are we clowning? Probably Louies.


Come on.

First of all, we need new music from Louis more than we need air because the live versions of ‘Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy’ and ‘Change’ aren’t enough anymore and he still won’t release them.

Second, the song title is “I broke it all” and I think no other name would be anymore appropriate than this for our Tommo. He’s literally used to break “it” all: social media, the internet, any record, our peace…just everything.

We can’t do anything but wait and see what Louis is planning – even if it’s not about this song, he’s ALWAYS planning and plotting – while keeping streaming Walls to make the waiting more bearable and our life more tolerable!

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  1. Sheccid says

    I love how Louis can do something and people lose their minds. He’s really superior

  2. hey says

    i don’t understand

  3. Dirextionerxlarriexx says

    Ikr!! The power this man holds!!! Respect!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Giselle says

    Why James Pushing Louis His New Song He was One Direction I was Eight Fan Of Them Saw Him Singer And song writer His Lost Mom Also Youngest Sister Pass away His Relationships He Pick me Falling In Love With me My Name Giselle I’m Eighteen Pass years Because Love Him He’s My Boyfriend

  5. Remi says

    Louis has never written a bad song. Any of his songs will always be a exquisite peace of heaven. And no matter what, his fans, both Louies and the Directioners will always stand by him. He literally inspired me to not give up no matter what with his song Hold on, which is my song for life.
    Love you a lot my Louis, and may you stay happy always and all your wishes and dreams come true. You don’t know how much of a inspiration you are to thousands.

    A loyal Directioner❤

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