Louis Tomlinson connects three music videos, completes story

He dropped a new short film on March 3rd, 'We Made It - The Director’s Cut'. Here's the scoop...


Louis’ fifteen-minute short film features three connected music videos of his: ‘We Made It’, ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’, and ‘Kill My Mind’.

The familiar scenes from each original video are shuffled chronologically this time. With the new storytelling order, things honestly make so much more sense now!

When asked at the YouTube Space London fan-screening about how much input he had in the process, Louis proudly replied, “All of it”. Each of Louis’ music videos that released alongside his debut album, Walls, was overseen by director Charlie Lightening. Charlie previously directed music videos for Liam Gallagher of Oasis and Paul McCartney.

He said about the Director’s Cut, “As we shot the three promos over three months, it meant the story could grow and move organically, so we could see the fans’ reactions from each and tweak each narrative as we went from promo to promo.”

Louis, Charlie, and Connor Walsh created an interconnected story surrounding two main characters as they struggle to stay together through a tough situation. The entire thing feels very cinematic. Louis himself appears throughout the story – with excellent acting skills, we must add!

Completing the storyline, ‘We Made It – Directors Cut’ also features some new/extended scenes and dialog, which weren’t included in the original music videos. It really pulls it all together!

What do you think of it? We’re SO super proud of Louis for basically giving us a mini-movie. Do you think this film’s characters will return in the music videos for his future sophomore album? Tweet us your thoughts and theories @UnitedByPop!

Watch the film here:

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