Harry Styles’ Fine Line represented by fine line tattoos

When fans ink their skin with lyrics or imagery inspired by their favourite artist, song or album, it’s evident how impactful music can be.


One of the most powerful connections between a musician and their fans is the communication existing through tattoos. Often this can be a direct line of communication, as some fans have been fortunate enough to meet their favourite musician and ask for meaningful lyrics to be handwritten by the celebrity in question.

It’s the dream scenario for any fan and makes tattoos especially personal and profound. However, many simply connect to a song lyric or album theme and find tattoos that best represent their connection to it.

Harry Styles understands this sentiment, evident throughout the promotion of his sophomore album (and masterpiece) Fine Line. Temporary tattoos were available in Harry’s pop-up shops, featuring designs inspired by his “Treat People With Kindness” movement and Eroda, as seen in the “Adore You” music video.


To highlight the beauty of Fine Line, we’re going track-by-track, expressing the themes and emotions of each song through a fine line tattoo that is equally as beautiful. You never know, some may inspire you to get a Fine Line tattoo of your own.

1. Golden
The album opener is bright and bubbly, a burst of energy and light. This fine line tattoo highlights the warmth you feel when listening to “Golden”.


2. Watermelon Sugar
“Watermelon Sugar” is playful and sexy. Although an array of fruit designs could work as a fine line tattoo, highlighting the intimacy expressed in the lyrics dives deeper into the theme of the song.


3. Adore You
Harry sings so passionately on “Adore You”, it’s impossible to not feel the admiration, and almost desperation, he experiences. He’s ready to give all his love, just as this fine line tattoo expresses.


4. Lights Up
As the lead single of Fine Line, it deserves an extra sparkly tattoo. “Lights Up” is empowering and euphoric. With themes such as acceptance, self-discovery and freedom, this tattoo represents the joy experienced when you let the light in and shine bright.

5. Cherry
“Cherry” is all about love; a love experienced, a love valued and a love lost. This fine line tattoo is delicate, representing the song’s theme by not conforming to the traditional fruit design.


6. Falling
Raw, emotional and incredibly vulnerable. Harry isn’t afraid to sing about the darkness one can experience in “Falling”. If you’re still feeling fragile after watching the music video, don’t worry, you’re not alone.



7. To Be So Lonely
The obvious theme and simplicity of this fine line tattoo matches the way “To Be So Lonely” begins. However, the song builds into a bold chorus which makes it even more intriguing and captivating.

8. She
“She” is seductive and sensual, amplified by the incredible guitar solo on the track. This fine line tattoo exudes this energy, with a simple yet sensual pose to highlight the power of the woman.

9. Sunflower Vol. 6
Sunflower is cute and radiant, a little retro and a little psychedelic. There’s something about the flower that always makes you smile, much like the song does.


10. Canyon Moon
“Canyon Moon” features beautiful imagery as Harry sings of a vision so memorable. It’s easy to imagine a physical landscape much like the one shown in this fine line tattoo.


11. Treat People With Kindness
A joyful track with a powerful message. Keeping in line, in a fine line, with the theme of his first solo tour, Harry Styles is all about treating people with kindness. Never underestimate the power of being kind.



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12. Fine Line
“Fine Line” is stunning. Concluding the album, it’s the longest track and soars higher with each passing minute; it’s layered with so much depth. Describing the good and bad experiences in love and life, the song ends with the hopeful and reassuring “we’ll be alright”.


Do you have a tattoo inspired by Harry Styles? Are you planning on getting one? Let us know!

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