Little Mix’s new song ‘Touch’ is such a killer track


Shout it from your house, shout it from your car: Little Mix are dropping their new album ‘Glory Days’ later this week. Cancel work, cancel social plans, you need to prepare for this. Ahhh, I’m so excited. There are only five songs available from the album as of now, yet it’s already shaping up to be my favourite. Now you can listen to Little Mix ‘Touch’.

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I have been so impressed with every single song released so far. ‘Shout Out to my Ex’ has honestly been my favourite song for the last month. I’ve played it at least three times a day. I jam to it in the car, in my house, everywhere. And the funny thing is, I don’t even have an ex. But somehow it’s still relatable. I’m sure you’re nodding to this article saying, “Same.”

And this morning, another killer jam from ‘Glory Days’ has me turning the volume up. The epic dance track ‘Touch’ is a must-listen. I don’t even care if you don’t like Little Mix; you can’t help but pull out your worst dance moves. That’s how energetic and addictive this song is.

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I’ve listened to ‘Touch’ five times today. People were looking at me dancing while in the car. No shame. No regrets. Just loving life with my girls. I’m not sure if the beat or the lyrics are the reason why I’m in love with this track so much. It’s just amazing. I didn’t think anything could top ‘Shout Out to my Ex’. I was wrong. Listen to this epic tune here.

In Little Mix’s previous albums, there were always a few songs I don’t generally like. However, ‘Glory Days’ is proving how much of a threat it will be to the music charts. Five songs in and already killing it. The track list is just insane. I think my favourite one is ‘F.U.’ because the shade is just too real.

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If the released tracks are anything to go by, ‘Glory Days’ will shape up to be the best album from the girls thus far. I am so here for the era that is Little Mix. All hail girl power.

Still not excited? Two more pre-released tracks are dropping on Wednesday and Thursday this week. ‘Glory Days’ is released on Nov. 18th worldwide. What are you waiting for? Go and pre-order this album now. You can thank me later.

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