Liam Payne is ready for The Final Act. Are you?

Liam Payne is back with the LP Show Act 4: The Final Act, and we can’t think of a better way to kick off the year.


Liam Payne announced in December that his livestream concerts are coming to an end with the LP Show Act 4: The Final Act. Promising to bring the past, present, and future together, Liam is throwing a very special show on January 9th.

On Instagram, the singer revealed that this show has been planned for a while and will have a different format from the previous acts, as part of the show has been already shot. Liam will also be watching the footage with fans.

Liam gave the fans a very special task of choosing One Direction songs that they would love to listen to on the show, so prepare your hearts for a very emotional #1DSetlist. Liam is singing “18,” “You & I,” “Strong,” and many more. We’re getting all those 1D feels already.

In addition to the 1D songs, Liam is also preparing some of the best tracks from his first album, LP1, and giving us a glimpse of his future music. So many things to look forward to, right?

All the fans that get a ticket for The Final Act will be helping to support Unicef and The Trussel Trust, an organization that provides meals for people in need in the UK. Liam’s crew will also be supported by the $15 ticket price. If you haven’t gotten yours already, you still have a chance to buy it on Veeps here.

How excited are you guys for the show? We can’t wait to see it all unfold on our screens!

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