Everything you need to know about rising star LÉON

Listen to the Swedish singer's new track from her upcoming EP.


If you’re looking for new music to add to your playlist, we have the perfect singer that will set the tone for all feel-good jams for the fall season. Up-and-coming artist LÉON has given us a taste of what her new EP will sound like with the release of her track ‘I Believe In Us’—an enchanting but hopeful song that captures the faith in a relationship.

LÉON first broke out onto the scene with her EP titled ‘Treasure’ back in 2015 that featured her hit ‘Tired of Talking.’ She’s quickly become known for her sultry voice and combination of vintage pop with modern pop sound. While she’s clearly made to be a musician, there’s tons more to know about this popstar in the making.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Lotta Lindgren (aka LÉON) grew up in a musical family—both her parents were musicians and perhaps rubbing their passion for music off on her. She reminisces on when she began writing songs at the tender age of eight, “I had never had a boyfriend or anything, but I wrote love songs… I was so inspired by Motown, I was like, I’m going to write about love too—even if I was 8. I did a song when I was 11, and I called it ‘As I Am With You.’ Really corny title.”

Her career started to gain popularity after she posted her first song ‘Tired of Talking’ on her SoundCloud account, having no idea it would be the track to skyrocket her future in music. Now with over 50 million streams on Spotify and even a nod from superstars like Katy Perry, Léon has earned herself a well-deserved spot in the music world.

The release of her next EP ‘Surround Me’ is set for October 6th which will feature three songs she’s already debuted, including the title track that delivered us the masterpiece of a music video to go along with it. Filmed exclusively in Iceland, LÉON gives us a dreamy aesthetic in reverse that we just couldn’t get enough of.

She’s even embarking on her second headlining U.S. tour beginning in October, giving us all a chance to hear the songstress in her element.


LÉON has been compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin with her undeniable writing chops and unique voice—sounding much different than the tunes on the radio today. Within the past few years, LÉON signed with Colombia Records—home to artists such as Beyoncé and Adele. That’s definitely the sign of a future star and we can’t wait to see her sitting pretty on the top of the charts.

LÉON‘s brand new EP ‘Surround Me’ debuts October 6th.

Listen to her new track ‘I Believe In Us’ here.

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