Harry Styles’ tour merch just broke the internet

The stylish Styles has a merchandise collection as fashion forward as he is.


Let’s be real: most artists’ merch isn’t great. You get to the show, you shell out $50 for a t-shirt (you mentally glare at Macklemore), and you take it home only to ever wear it to bed. It’s probably too big for you, low quality, and at some point the date on the back makes you shudder, so you give it away to charity along with those bell bottom jeans.

Well, Harry Styles just took that norm and turned it on its ass.

Ahead of the first stop on his solo tour Harry Styles Live, fans began sharing photos of the available merchandise—and everyone collectively lost their minds. The merch is, of course, brutally expensive, but for once it’s actually cute and wearable. Bonus points to Harry for including buckets of millennial pink, too.

The collection includes t-shirts customized to each tour stop, pink crew neck sweatshirts, dad hats, and even a “Treat People With Kindness” notebook.

The first look at this merch caused such an online frenzy that “treat people with kindness” actually became a worldwide trend on Twitter.

Needless to say, Harry fans are thrilled that their fave brought out such a fantastic merchandise collection for his tour.

harry styles tour merchandise 2017 1
Image Source: Tumblr
harry styles tour merchandise 2017 2
Image Source: Tumblr
harry styles tour merchandise 2017 3
Image Source: Tumblr
harry styles tour merchandise 2017 4
Image Source: Twitter

Being the fashion icon that he is, this assortment of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, pins, notebooks, and posters is the perfect representation of Harry—and a true testament to how well he knows what his fans want.

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