Lady Gaga is back. Who is feeling Perfect Illusion?


Lady Gaga is finally back after almost three years with ‘Perfect Illusion’, her first pop single since G.U.Y (a huge pop banger) got it’s release back in early 2014. In the early hours of this morning, the brand new single was uploaded online causing the internet to explode as millions scrambled to listen to the brand new track to see how it fared to her previous material.

This is very much seen as a comeback for Gaga, as her previous pop album ‘ARTPOP’ felt very lacklustre for many of her casual fans and didn’t make a huge impact commercially. And not her mention her moving towards acting and THAT ‘Cheek To Cheek’ album.

Many hope that she fares up to her previous ‘golden era’ where she produced hit after hit. Will she be able to live up to her own hype? Let’s take a look at the general reaction of the brand new track.

There was a bit of a painful wait to download the song

Her fans were just so happy to get hold of the single

I mean, this is pretty much all of us

Some just were not impressed at all

Some REALLY weren’t impressed

But, the majority were on board with Gaga

So there we have it. The Gags also revealed this morning on BBC Radio 1 that her brand new album WILL be released this year. Just have to sit tight and wait.

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