A night with James TW: Our ‘First Impressions’


James TW has been touring the world with the one and only Shawn Mendes but last night (September 7) I was lucky enough to see him take the reigns at his headline show in London.


He kicked off the night with the sexy and soulful ‘Naked’ from his new EP, ‘First Impressions’ which made everyone swoon, including the guys that made up the crowd. When the time came for James to sing ‘When You Love Someone’, a song he had written to explain a divorce to an 11-year-old boy he once taught, the crowd was hypnotised. The song about one of the most difficult events for any child was made beautiful by his admirable lyrics. I was sold.

The night was also filled with covers of Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’ (oh, the One Direction feels) and ‘This Girl’ by Kungs vs Cookin On 3 Burners. His setlist also included a new song, ‘Time’, a nostalgic tune about childhood and his latest single ‘Sanctuary’, another upbeat and passionate song about staying in bed all day with the one you love. Sounds good to me.

To close the show, James talked of his love for music and finished with ‘10K Hours’ in which he releases his frustration of the constraints of school and how he’d rather follow his dreams. This song was the perfect demonstration of James’ extreme passion for his music and the fans he had wrapped around his finger.

The evening was filled with stories of love, struggle and growing up told through a guitar, a piano and his flawless voice. I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing James TW make the world his stage (as he so wishes for in ‘10K Hours’). It seems his dreams have definitely come true and I cannot wait to see his career continue with many more inspiring and touching songs and memorable shows like the one he delivered last night.

James TW’s debut EP ‘First Impressions’ is available to buy now.

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