KYIKI chats about new single, musical aspirations, and the future


KYIKI is the vocalist from Crystal Fighters and has been causing a bit of a buzz in music lately. Her brand new track ‘Make Love, Live Free’ has been met with a huge reception from fans and reviews. Her talents have been met with comparisons to Florence and the Machine and Kate Bush which show a great potential for her future in the industry.

But before we go on any further, let’s find out more about KYIKI and what exactly she is feeling at this current moment in her career…


For those who might not have heard of you before, what are five words you’d describe yourself in?

Happy Sad dark tropical delight

Tell us about your track “Make Love, Live Free”, what were your inspirations behind it and your songwriting process?

It’s actually one of my happier songs in my opinion, especially production wise. I wrote it in LA bathed in the sunshine after just getting back from the UK. It is essentially my ethos on life, that I just want to live and enjoy it, even if that means being immature at irresponsible at times.

If you could compare your music to one artist, who would it be?

That’s a really difficult question. I am going to say Little Dragon mixed with Kate Bush. (I realise that is two). Both artists are very melodic and eccentric at times, something I aspire to be.

The new track has had some incredible feedback, how does it make you feel when your music gets such a good response?

It’s one of the most rewarding experiences I can imagine. My life has been very one track minded around music, which has slowed down progress in other aspects of my life, therefore the most satisfaction I could possibly receive is through positive feedback of music I create.

What is your musical ambition? Number one album, playing at Wembley?

I’ll take either of those. A sustained career is my main goal through music I create. With Crystal Fighters I got many of my performing ambitions, but I want to redo the Glastonbury’s and Jools Hollands with my own stuff of course. Wembley wouldn’t go a miss either.

What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

Stop Worrying – there isn’t enough time to worry.

What kind of music are you loving at the moment? What is getting regular spins on your iPod?

LA Preist, Ben Khan, Mulan, Gold Link, Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean. All babes.

Who’s upcoming album are you really excited for?

Well, it was Solange’s album that just came out last week. It’s been a while since her last release. I love her voice and that her creativity doesn’t appear to be moulded by a higher power, ie Labels etc. The old school recording processes and vibe to her record is killer and something I am really getting back into again.

‘Make Love, Live Free’ is out now.

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