Katy Perry drops the music video for her new single ‘Rise’


Pop royalty, Katy Perry, has dropped the brand new music video for her latest single, ‘Rise’, a heavily motivational song that calls out for perseverance and hope during difficult times.

The symbolic video sees Perry battling with her parachute time, and time again, until she takes flight and is quite literally, rising. Katy’s powerful message calls for unity, perseverance and transformation in challenging times.


The video was premiered by NBC ahead of the ‘Primetime Rio Olympics Preview Special’ where the song serves as a soundtrack for the NBC Olympics’ coverage of the Rio games.

Katy dropped the single around three weeks ago where it rocketed to number one in 56 countries. Perhaps a portion of the song’s success comes from Katy’s inspiring performance of the new release at the ‘Democratic National Convention’ where she made a lyric change in favour of Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton: ‘don’t be surprised; she will still rise’.

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