Justin Bieber lends his house to an unknown rap duo


While Justin Bieber could possibly be called the king of controversy, he’s definitely in people’s good books right now as he does a good deed for an unknown music act; which has definitely made them the talk of the Internet. The small rap duo, ‘These White Kids’, somehow managed to score Biebs’ home for the location of their music video for ‘Michael Phelps’, following a run in with one of the members, BB The Jerk, in LA.

Turns out that Justin is actually a fan of their videos, and even ended up making a cameo.

According to TMZ, JB invited the boys to one of his pool parties, and when the conversation struck that they had a new song, he offered for them to shoot the video there and then.

It seems as though a party at Biebs’ is definitely one you won’t forget, and his pad is not too shabby, either. Also, the music video is actually pretty decent, which is always a bonus.

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