Joe Jonas surprises fans at Demi and Nick’s ‘Future Now’ Tour and it’s a literal ‘Camp Rock’ reunion


Last night, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas’ tour, ‘Future Now’, hit Washington DC and was christened a fairly special show as the ex-Disney duo invited a special guest to the stage; none other than Nick’s big brother, Joe.

Of course, the trio are well known from their Disney days, in particular of their hit D-COM, ‘Camp Rock’. Despite the fact Demi and Joe once dated and ended the relationship on slightly sour notes, the video from the Tuesday night show proves that everything is patched up again years later.

Our childhood was brought back to life when Joe joined Nick and Demi on stage and sang the popular song, ‘This is Me’, from the film.

For one minute and 42 seconds, we felt like our 12-year-old selves again and nostalgia hit us hard. We’re so glad Jemi are back on good terms because nobody likes a feud and even if they’re not together, they’re still adorable.

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