Passionate about social justice but love One Direction? 1950 Collective has you covered


Internet trends and passionate topics are the latest inspiration for fashion. From One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer right down to social justice and feminism, people are pulling inspiration from all aspects of life. If you want to add a bit of politics or music to your wardrobe, look no further than the little hidden gem that is 1950 Collective.

The online store was created by two students, Angela & Nishiki, who decided to make the store a side project as a distraction from their mental health struggles. What started out as just light-hearted comical t-shirts, has now turned into original fandom, feminist, + social justice apparel alongside a skincare range.

Image credit: 1950 Collective
Image credit: 1950 Collective

Another incredible aspect to the company is its charitable side. Every month, donations are made from a percentage of purchases made for various charities and organisations. “As a lifestyle brand that empowers women and as two college students working on Women’s and Gender Studies minors, we feel it’s appropriate that we donate to organisations that share our mission.”

Check out some of our favourite designs from the store below.

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