JC Stewart brings an energy like no other with his new single Break My Heart

There's a 99% chance that I'll have this song on repeat for the days to come.


If you’re like me and you love discovering new music, I’ve got you covered.

JC Stewart just released his newest single “Break My Heart.” Not only that, but he also dropped a music video to accompany his new song!

This is the first time that I’m hearing about JC Stewart, a young musician from Northern Ireland, and can I say, what a great introduction it has been.

“Break My Heart” is a song filled with high energy that will have you listening to over and over again. I kid you not, I’ve listened to this song at least fifteen times now. It will also have you watching the music video countless times.

And no wonder it’s so good, JC co-wrote this song with one of our favorite One Direction members Niall Horan. You can definitely hear Horan’s influence (Flicker-era anyone?) but JC manages to shine on his own through his vocals and the high energy he brings to this song.

“Break My Heart” follows his other singles “I Need You To Hate Me” and “Lying That You Love Me” both of which were fan favorites. JC also released his debut EP When The Light Hits The Room just last year which was met with some other singles that received great attention.


Mind you, I’m just now hearing about JC and after listening to his other two singles and his latest EP, I get the hype and I think you will too.

JC Stewart’s latest single “Break My Heart” is out now!

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