Jay Park gets (almost) stood up by IU in GANADARA music video

The single is the first release under Jay Park’s new label MORE VISION


Jay Park returns to music with the new single ‘GANADARA’. Featuring South Korea’s most loved and top singer IU, the single is Jay Park’s first release under his new record label MORE VISION.

The title of the track, ‘GANDARA’ (in Korean 가나다라), is “the beginning of the Korean alphabet and a common order of consonants the way kids learn it—similarly to ABC in English.” according to Genius.

‘GANADARA’ is written by Jay Park, HAON, and Woogie; the latter also produced the song with his trademark R&B sound, which creates an easy-to-listen sound with a catchy chorus and a memorable melody. Jay Park and IU’s voices are hushed, like a conversation between the two.

We can see Jay Park’s goofy and playful side in the music video. The video opens with Jay Park discussing the collaboration with IU with his team and the ideas for the music video in question. His team flags that IU will hardly make it to the music video shooting due to her packed schedule. Jay Park, who is “very close” with the singer, says he will take care of it and personally contact IU. Still, during the shoot for the music video, IU goes MIA leaving Park to dance and sing alongside a funny computer animation, a mannequin dressed like IU, and a cardboard cutout of the singer until… the real IU makes her entrance.

Upon its release, the single ranked No.1 on Korean streaming platforms Bugs and Genie real-time charts and entered the top 100 on Melon and FLO. The song also debuted No.27 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and reached No.1 on the iTunes Song Chart in 7 countries (Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Thailand). The single entered the top 10 iTunes Song Chart in Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

‘GANADARA’ marks a new journey for Jay Park and his newly established record label MORE VISION. At the end of 2021, Park announced his decision to resign from his role as CEO of the labels AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC but kept his chair as an advisor.

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