Introducing XG: Xtraordinary Girls

Get to know the group that's been captivating every single K-pop fan


Xtraordinary Girls, or XG, is a Global Group that perform songs with a strong R&B and Hip Hop influence. The group is formed by Juria, Hinata, Harvey, Chisa, Jurin, Maya and Cocona, they are all Japanese but sing mostly in English, all four singles released so far are English tracks, that’s why XG is considered a Global Group instead of a J-pop group. The girls also sing and rap in Japanese and Korean in parallel projects.

XG has been stealing K-pop fans’ hearts since their debut in early 2022 with “Tippy Toes”. They impressed a lot of people with their dancing, rapping and vocals. Their Youtube channel has over 1 million followers and their debut single gathers over 23 million views. XG has been gaining popularity among International K-pop fans from the beginning.

A few months ago they released a few side projects to present a little bit more of the girls’ talents. Cocona, Maya, Harvey and Jurin showed their rapping skills in a projects called Galz Xypher and shocked a lot of people with their flow. The girls look stunning and their rap is fire.

Their vocal line consists of Hinata, Juria and Chisa and they don’t disappoint when they put their vocals on use. They recorded some side projects as well, Hinata sang “Ride” by SOLE ft THAMA, a Korean singer and impressed with her flawless Korean, so did Juria singing IU‘s “Dear Name”. Chisa sang Tory Kelly’s “Nobody Love” showing off her sweet vocals.

XG’s latest singles “SHOOTING STARS” and “LEFT RIGHT” quickly brought more attention to the group, proving that they have the recipe for success. They are without a doubt extraordinary. The group is the whole package and they are leaving their mark in the industry that is now more open to non-western artists. In my humble opinion XG is going to become a power group among Asian acts.


We’re excited to watch their next steps! We’ll definitely keep an eye on XG!

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