Meet The Preatures: Harry Styles’ newest opening act for his 2018 tour

Get to know the Australian band before they hit the road with the popstar.


Harry Styles seems to have an affinity for groundbreaking opening acts and the band making a big splash for him during his Australian leg of tour this April is just as innovative as the last. Australia natives The Preatures announced on their Twitter account that they would be joining the star on his 2018 tour—surely a huge a accomplishment for any artist trying to have their one-of-a-kind music discovered by more fans.

The quartet expressed their enthusiasm about the announcement recently at the ARIA Music Awards where Harry was also in attendance and later won Best International Artist. They showed appreciation for the singer’s inclusion of diverse acts for each leg of his tour and elation over the fact that they’re already starting gain recognition from potential fans.

Formed in 2010, members Isabella Manfredi, Jack Moffitt, Thomas Champion and Luke Davison set out to become one of the more unique bands in music today. Jack and Thomas were actually high school friends before meeting Isabella at the Australian Institute of Music where they were all attending, ultimately making a power group of talented musicians. Combining elements of retro-rock and electro-pop, The Preatures began their gradual rise into the classic rock scene, earning them comparisons to bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Pretenders.

Their first EP ‘Shaking Hands’ was released in 2012 which was very reminiscent of 60’s old school rock. It was the perfect debut to help them establish their sound and paved the way for their second EP ‘Is This How You Feel?’ which featured the self-titled track that gained traction quickly with the general public. Landing a spot in Triple J’s Top Ten and even winning the Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition, it ensured them a promising beginning to their longevity as a group.

They exceeded expectations with their debut album ‘Blue Planet Eyes’ in 2014, continuing to deliver the vintage rock sound they had stayed true to since their emergence two years prior. Perhaps the standout song from the LP is the self-titled track—a dreamy tune that teleports you to another dimension of utter pop-rock fantasy. Other tracks like ‘Cruel,’ ‘Somebody’s Talking‘ and ‘Whatever You Want‘ are a must-listen.

With the recent release of their second album ‘Girlhood,’ the Preatues had a lot to live up to. ‘Blue Planet Eyes’ was a strong debut for a group who had cultivated their signature style and sound long before they had officially broken out. ‘Girlhood’ offers that and much more. Perhaps revealing a bit of a softer side, the LP makes us feel like we’re living a 70’s high school daydream. ‘Yanada’ is a pristine example of a magical beat colliding with grunge rock vibes.

Tracks like ‘Your Fan,’ ‘Girlhood,’ ‘I Like You‘ and ‘Cherry Ripe‘ are on our list of favorites. The group’s sophomore album seems to have solidified them in the classic rock genre and made them especially popular among Australian audiences. It’s exciting to watch a band with a distinct sound make a significant indent in the music industry—we always need to hear a different twist every once in a while.

“I never want people to be bored when they listen to our music,” says Isabella, “I just want a record that makes people happy and present. That has songs that make you feel like there’s no other song on Earth for those three minutes.”

Well, that’s something we can definitely agree on—The Preatures never disappoint to bring on a totally individual style.

Listen to The Preatures’ album ‘Girlhood’ here.

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