No filter, no excuses, and no hiding

‘The internet’s big sister’ Grace Victory lays herself bare in her new book


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Grace Victory is not one for hiding. Since starting her YouTube channel ‘The Ugly Face of Beauty’ in 2011 she has discussed everything, from beauty and fashion, to sex and relationships, to mental health issues and body positivity – there is nothing she won’t talk about. But her autobiography ‘No Filter’ lays the girl boss herself completely bare – unhidden, exposed, and most definitely unfiltered.

Her story is not one that is easy to read. Not in the way that it is ill-written and not worth the time to read, but in the way that you would not believe what she has suffered from. She admits in the very first chapter how Eastender-esque her life is, admitting that it is similar to one extended episode of Jeremey Kyle. But her intention wasn’t to write this book for attention or to gain sympathy from her readers. Just like with her YouTube channel and blog, her aim is to inspire and help. To let people in similar situations, know that they are not alone and that things can improve. Because although there is little chance that people have gone through EVERYTHING that she has, there will be at least one thing that everyone has.

Whether it’s her father’s absence, her sexual assault, or her mental health the way that Grace discusses her life will really make you question how she stays so strong. Any of her subscribers will know that she has been dealing with some of these issues as she has openly spoken about them multiple times on her channel, however, I hadn’t realised how deep they were until I read her book. She truly lays her mentality out for all her readers to analyse and leaves herself vulnerable to critique. She is honest and frank about her issues, admitting that she has suffered from multiple eating disorders, that she has self-harmed, that she has, and still is, going through therapy. But this makes our big sister Grace seem that much more real and relatable to all of us that need her.

But ‘No Filter’ isn’t all doom and gloom. As lovers of Grace we all know what she’s like- funny, bubbly, inspirational- you get the gist. Her book is an overall reflection of her life and how she has built herself up from all the pain and suffering she has been through. How she has made herself into the successful girl boss we see and find inspiration from today. Her book is one of great sadness but also of great admiration and comfort.

Just like her YouTube channel she provides feelings of hope. She has survived through her demons, and now she is here to help us through ours.

You can now buy Grace Victory’s book ‘No Filter’ from Amazon. For more book reviews click here.

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