Meet The Academic, the band from Ireland who you’ll Superlike

Just four guys from Ireland bringing you some indie rock tunes.


If the county Westmeath in Ireland sounds familiar to you, it’s because singer-songwriter Niall Horan himself is from here. But he’s not the only musical artist that hails from this part of the world.

Meet The Academic, the Irish indie rock band consisting of Craig Fitzgerald, Dean Gavin, and brothers Matthew and Stephen Murtagh.

After meeting one another in school, the band went on to release their 2015 EP Loose Friends and then their 2018 debut album Tales From The Backseat.

Off of their debut album, their first single “Different” was released in 2015. Hooked instantly by just the first few notes, their lead single will have you bopping along endlessly. (And as someone who heard this song when it was first released, six years later, I’m still bopping to it!)

But it was their single “Bear Claws” that went on to receive praise for its anthemic style, which was very The Strokes-esque. The infectious Ay! Oh! is not only a great addition to the song’s composition, but it’s that uplifting sound that fans never get tired of, especially in a live setting.

The band and their song “Bear Claws” garnered more recognition after the group streamed a live performance on Facebook. Taking advantage of the delay in the stream, the band created a musical loop which allowed them to slowly add in vocals and instruments.

Becoming a viral hit, their performance went on to reach over 1 million views on YouTube in just 48 hours.

After the release of their debut album, The Academic went on to release other singles  which include “SUPERLIKE,” “AFTERTASTE,” and “Anything Could Happen.” The band also went on to release their EPs Acting My Age and most recently, Community Spirit. 

Off of Community Spirit, the EP features “Not Your Summer,” their single that has such a nostalgic and classic vibe that you might even listen to every summer.

And just recently, The Academic released the music video for “Not Your Summer” and the visuals match that nostalgic feeling you hear when first listening to this song. Warm tones and classic reel footage give off that summer feeling one always looks back on.

With the band now signed to Capitol Records, fans (including myself) cannot wait to see and hear what the band has in store. But in the meantime, one can just listen and fall in love with The Academic’s indie rock tunes.

Stream The Academic’s music on Spotify here and subscribe to their YouTube channel here.

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