A recap of Ariana Grande’s Positions era

We can all agree that this was such an iconic era, right?


Can you believe that it’s already nine months since Ariana Grande dropped her sixth studio album, Positions? Neither can we, but with all the rumors that this era is going to end soon, we made a recap for you! Even when Ariana was less active on social media, she gave us still so much.

It all started with that one tweet from Ariana back in October 2020: “i can’t wait to give u my album this month.” And on the last day of October, the Positions album was out (one of the most iconic and successful albums in pop history).

While Ariana was not promoting it a lot on socials, she was still giving us a lot – maybe without even noticing it. Giving us music videos, collaborating with The Weeknd on “Save Your Tears,” and performing live with him. She was also featured on Demi Lovato’s “Met Him Last Night” and Doja Cat’s “I Don’t Do Drugs.” It all happened during this era. And while Ariana also announced that she would be a coach on The Voice next season, she also dropped her first Deluxe album.

While we are pretty used to Ariana giving us a lot of new music, she’s not giving us lots of content from her private life like a few years ago. But who cares? Lots of people knew that Miss Grande was living her best life with her fiancé Dalton Gomez — WHO’S REALLY HER HUSBAND NOW! The pictures really broke the internet and it became the second most-liked Instagram post ever.

And while she was finally in a good place, Ariana still gave us some live video performances with songs from her Positions album together with VEVO — which all made us think that these videos would be the end of the era. But a week later, Fortnite announced that Ariana would do a virtual concert and that she would get her own skin in the game. While the skin is still available until the end of the month, we are already wondering what her next surprise is… Or is this really the end of the Positions era?

What do you think about this era? Let us know in the comments below!

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