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Looking for fresh pop music? We’ve curated a list of tracks we’ve been loving this month from these up-and-coming artists. From electronic to indie, we have a diverse group of acts that you’d want to add to your playlists this month.

“99” – Harlea

Produced by Rock Mafia (Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Marshmello), Harlea’s “99” is all-encompassing R&B-pop. It’s reminiscent of Lana Del Rey‘s Born to Die era with haunting beats and old Hollywood vocals. After moving to London at the mere age of 16, Harlea is making a name for herself—she’s unique and edgy pop through and through. She shared more about the track saying, “99” is about unbridled obsession—a complete intoxication of passion at any cost. Like a relentless desire to be with someone, no matter the circumstance and touching on a sexual energy that is all-consuming and overwhelming.”

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“Nights Like Tonight” – Future Feats

Los Angeles based band FUTURE FEATS are set for an eventful second half of 2019. They recently announced their debut album [P R E S E T S] which will be released on October 4. Their recent single “Nights Like Tonight” sets the standard for an adventurous LP full of deeply personal lyrics doused in high-energy, eclectic synth-pop. Frontman IJ Quinn further explained the track’s significance saying, “It’s a song about having a seemingly perfect feeling ripped away from you, unexpectedly, moments before you’re allowed to truly experience the beauty of what could’ve been. It’s a way of saying that things will never be the same again… It’s about a very real night that I don’t enjoy remembering.”

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“The Optimist” – Evie Irie

Australian artist Evie Irie shows off the extent of her powerful vocals in her track “The Optimist” from her debut EP 5 Weeks in LA. The 16-year-old has a range most well-established pop artist should envy. At the mere age of 12, Evie performed at local Sydney cafés and restaurants, kickstarting her inevitable rise. “The Optimist” is a standout as Evie decides to croon about the positives instead of the overwhelming negatives. It’s a side we hope to see more in a sometimes harsh reality.

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“Nice” – Asmik

If you’re searching for a new electro-pop artist to obsess over Asmik is the one you need. As a young finalist on The Voice of Ukraine, she became an up-and-coming musician, eventually moving to Los Angeles to further pursue her pop star dream. Her latest single “Nice” is enigmatic and daringly different, drawing similarities to well-known artists like Halsey and Sabrina Carpenter. “My life looks like a roller coaster, it took me high and at one point threw me down. I am writing about it today because I feel differently about myself,” Asmik says about the track. “I now know who I am and what I am capable of. I am also much stronger than I was before and I feel that I have something meaningful to say.”

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“The Fool” – Overcoats

Groovy, empowering, and catchy all in one? We’re talking about pop duo Overcoats’ latest single “The Fool.” Shouting choruses and anthemic verses demand our attention especially the last line ringing true: “I don’t want to be the fool bending over backward for you/My road, my home, everything I know.” The Brooklyn based pair are tired of settling, striving to be themselves in more ways than one. In this age of inclusivity, feminism, and diversity, “The Fool” becomes a driving force for those struggling to stand up for themselves. Overcoats deliver all those things wrapped in a delightful pop tune.

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“Love Me” – Blessed

There’s always more room for an empowering anthem on our playlists. Sister duo Blessed (aka Loz and Gigi Morgan) released their addicting new single appropriately titled “Love Me,” jam-packed with self-love lyrics and uplifting beats. The track is featured on their upcoming EP—a highly-anticipated release from the Southeast London natives. The pair delved further into what the song meant to them saying, “Learning to “love me” is the exact path we are both on. We haven’t reached a place of fully loving ourselves and that’s okay but it’s a journey we feel everyone can relate to especially in our generation.”

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“Creamy Blue” – Sarah Klang

Despite touring with indie-folk duo First Aid Kit and winning big at the Swedish Grammys, Sarah Klang’s rise is far from over. The 26-year-old lives up to her title as the “saddest girl in Sweden” with the recent release of her single “Creamy Blue,” a melancholy tune about a relationship’s inevitable end. “I wrote that song when I was staying in Italy, it was the first time I saw that kind of ocean,” Sarah says. “I sat on a cliff and I knew the relationship I was in wasn’t gonna last. So that’s what the song is about and also the whole album.” Her second album is set to be released on October 25.

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“Dream Girl” – Anna of the North

Anna of the North has a thing for the enigmatic while remaining at her dreamiest. Her latest single “Dream Girl” shows off her whimsical side, praising her new self after a breakup while still longing to be their go-to partner. Playing with sweet melodies and catchy lyrics, the track becomes an instant classic, especially in the early fall months. The Norwegian singers upcoming sophomore album is set to be released on October 25. “Dream Girl” delivers a sugary-sweet taste of what’s to come.

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“Love Goo” – Bull

British band Bull just released their new single “Love Goo”—dream-indie at its finest. The four-piece consists of members Dan Lucas, Kai West, Tom Beer, and Tom Gabbatiss and have made name for themselves within the local York scene. “Love Goo” brings the connection between people to the forefront, addressing our feelings of understanding, gender fluidity, and compassion. Bull brings a sense of reality to the indie-pop scene served alongside a dose of acceptance and open-hearted lyrics.

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