Discover & Stream: ella jane, your new favorite indie-pop artist

Time to add some new music to your playlist.


There’s something about indie-pop music that has fans of the genre constantly feeling that euphoric bliss of driving with the windows down at night and seeing themselves as the main character of their own movie.

Paired with stellar sounds and lyrics, indie-pop music is without a doubt infectious, and one artist who is creating fun and intoxicating beats with clever songwriting is none other than singer-songwriter ella jane.

The first time I came across ella’s music was at random while on Spotify. Her single “nothing else i could do” not only stopped me in my tracks because of its fun upbeat tempo but I was instantly drawn in by the lyrics. I would then learn, from coming across her TikTok, that the song was inspired by none other than Jay Gatsby himself and it took only thirty minutes to write.

Aside from the very impressive single “nothing else i could do,” ella jane released her debut EP THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! last year. Featuring just seven tracks, each one will have you quickly saving these songs to your liked music or specific indie-pop playlist.

There is a familiarity with each of the tracks on this EP.  With “The City,” there’s something Lorde-esque to it and on “the sellout,” there’s something about the production and ella’s vocals that almost reminds me of Ingrid Michaelson.

But ella jane still manages to shine on her own, if you’re wondering about versatility. ella’s got you covered with her latest single “Calling Card,” a groovy and funky upbeat tune that’ll have you singing along to the infectious la la la’s.

Going into this new year, there will definitely be new music from some of pop music’s most notable artists. However, if you’re looking to expand your music taste and discover a new sound and artist, ella jane is just the one to listen to.

Stream ella jane’s single “Calling Card” here and her EP THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! here.

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