Maggie Lindemann on her new single Scissorhands

Maggie spoke with us at United by Pop to discuss her latest single, her upcoming EP, and her music inspiration.


Today, rising pop star Maggie Lindemann released her newest single, “Scissorhands,” her third single release of 2020 and the third song off her upcoming EP Paranoia, set for release on January 22, 2021. Scissorhands further expands on Maggie’s artistic growth, with a dark punk/pop vibe resonating throughout the entire track. Maggie’s third song of the year is a strong example of her ability to make powerful, dramatic songs that leave a lasting impression on the listener and remain unequivocally catchy..

Since her 2015 debut, Lindemann has established herself as a revolutionary singer-songwriter, with her dark punk/pop songs, which have accumulated millions of streams. Her lyrics are blatantly honest about her anxieties and insecurities and will be featured in her upcoming EP set for release next year.

Maggie spoke with us at United by Pop to discuss her latest single, her upcoming EP, and her music inspiration.

What was the inspiration behind the new single Scissorhands? Did it take a while to write or was it something that came to you?

The inspiration was the concept behind the Tim burton movie, “Edward Scissorhands.” The movie is so aesthetically beautiful; all pastels and put together, then at the end of the street is this dark old scary castle where an unfinished scared lonely individual lives. He doesn’t fit in and they try to bring him into their world and he can’t even get close to the girl he loves without hurting her. I feel like that concept is so hauntingly beautiful and relatable. It just took a day to write, like most of my songs, so no nothing crazy hard. But the production took some time, Cody made it perfect.

Your second single “Gaslight” emphasizes taking your power back from someone else trying to gaslight you. Talk about why you think that message is so important to highlight in music, especially for young women.

As a young impressionable woman,  I think that people take advantage of young men and women. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how normalized it is to be treated like shit, and that’s not normal. I wanted to create a song a song for young people to feel powerful and empowered.

As a young woman in the music industry, what challenges have you faced and how have you worked to overcome them?

I think just a lot of people not trusting me or believing in me. Not taking what I wanted to do seriously, and kinda paving a road for me that I didn’t necessarily want to be on.

Tell us about your musical inspiration and how they have influenced you and your music.

I draw inspiration from a lot of different people. I think getting to listen to music and watching a lot of music videos inspires me in different ways; whether it’s fashion, bass, guitar sounds, drum patterns. Music influences me in every way.

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How has it been to write and record your EP during these challenging times? Have you felt more or less motivated to be creative during the pandemic?

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was definitely super unmotivated, but I guess as time has gone by I’ve started to feel creative again. Zoom sessions are still weird though; I definitely can’t wait for them to end and finally get back into an actual studio.

What’s been your go-to album, songs, or artist to listen to while in quarantine?

My go-to song right now is Moments by Lildeath. I’ve been listening to a lot of Breakcore lately. I’ve also been listening to Poorstacy, and Paramore a lot.

Tell us more about your podcast and what inspired you to start it. Have you taken up any additional projects at this time?

I just like to talk a lot so I decided why not make a podcast where people will actually listen.

Lastly, describe your upcoming EP Paranoia in one sentence. What is the most important message you want listeners to hear when they finally get to hear your EP next year?

I want people to feel heard, excited, empowered. I was gonna make this a sad EP, but last year ended up being one of the happiest years of my life, so hopefully, you can hear a lot of my happiness but also the confidence.

Listen to “Scissorhands” here and follow Maggie on Instagram and Spotify.

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