Kiesza chats late night cravings and her retro-tinged new music

We're going to be listening to Crave on repeat during lock down.


Kiesza just released one of the most uplifting summer bops we’ve ever heard, so we had to sit down for a chat with her. ‘Crave’ is something everyone needs to hear in these weird, scary times – so stick it on loud, have a dance and catch up with our chat with the Toronto-based singer-songwriter now.

How are you doing during self-isolation? Have you taken on any new indoor activities or hobbies?

I’m definitely starting to miss a lot of my friends, now that I’ve been in isolation for almost a month! But I’ve always wanted to strengthen my cooking skills, so I’ve been doing that a lot more since the quarantine began!

We’ve been following you on Instagram and we’re impressed by your “quarantunes”. Is your writing/creative process similar to what we’ve been seen on those videos?

I change my writing process around a lot, but the quarantunes are definitely an inside peek into one of my most common approaches. I usually start ideas on the piano, guitar or ukulele, and then develop them in the studio later on. But I come at songs many different ways! Sometimes a producer with have a really amazing idea started which will trigger melodies or lyrics! Crave came about that way!

Your next single Crave just came out! For those who haven’t heard it yet, can you describe it?

Crave is a very high energy retro-leaning song about having uncontainable feelings for someone, that you’re ready to just dive headfirst into love with. It has really positive energy which I especially love about it. I’m really hoping it lifts some peoples spirits up, during this confusing time that we’re all in lock-down.

What’s your favourite part of your new song Crave?

Honestly, I can’t really pull it apart. It’s everything put together that makes it what it is!

If you were having a late-night craving, what’s it likely to be?

Cereal! I love late-night corn flakes!

Can you tell us anything about the video for Crave?

It’s coming along! It’s a dance that tells a story and it came about very spontaneously in New York.

Are you working towards a new album or planning on releasing more singles?

I have a new album coming out, but definitely plan on releasing one or two more singles before it drops!

What are you listening to these days? What musicians do you really like right now?

I’m all over the map. Some friends introduced me to a really cool punk rock band call Amyl and the Sniffers that I really like!

Lastly, did you find the best gluten-free recipe? (We may have been stalking you on Insta)

Hahaha! Well, there was a great gluten from cookie recipe!!! I love making fan recipes. And now I actually have time to try them all out!

Kiesza’s ‘CRAVE’ is available to download and stream now.

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