Greyson Chance: “portraits is a collection of torn pages from my journal last year”


After taking a break from music, American singer-songwriter and musician Greyson Chance released his sophomore album portraits in March after sharing two singles from the LP with his fans. Chance recently toured this album across the United States to reunite with some of his most dedicated fans and remains busy going forward for the rest of this year.  In an exclusive interview with United by Pop, Greyson Chance opened up about his new album and more.

What can you tell us about your new album portraits and the theme of the album?  

I consider portraits to be my debut album, meaning it feels like the first time I have presented myself honestly and created a body of work that truly represents me. The album’s theme was inspired by a series of photo collections I modeled for back in 2018. The photos were incredibly emotive and individualistic; they stood on their own, and they had their own voice. I realized that the songs I was writing at the time were the same. In this way, portraits is a collection of torn pages from my journal last year. It simply tells my story.

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How have you grown since Hold On Til’ The Night as both a person and an artist? 

The biggest difference between who I was as an artist then and who I am as an artist now is that I currently do everything on my own terms. I am now focused on writing songs and creating a show that truly makes me happy as a music fan. I used to stress myself out by concentrating on success and fame, but I don’t do that anymore. I’m far more concerned about making music that feels authentic to me and real.

What is your favorite part about being on tour? 

Meeting my fans and spending time with them. They’re the reason why I am still here, no doubt about it. Music is a force of connectivity, and I am beyond blessed to be a part of that process.

Do you have any major goals for this year? 

I want to write another album, and I want to keep on playing shows until the end of the year; scratch that: I want to keep playing shows until I die!

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