The five most iconic performances from Lorde

We think the singer can definitely tear up a stage even if the Grammys don't agree.


We’re absolutely devastated Lorde didn’t take home a Grammy for ‘Album of the Year’ for her revolutionary album ‘Melodrama.’ The singer’s ability to perfectly capture what it means to enter that daunting phase of adulthood, heartbreak and loss through her songwriting makes her one of our favorite artists of this generation. Although that seemed to be one of the biggest upsets of the night, Lorde also reportedly wasn’t asked to perform during the award show while all the other male nominees for ‘Album of the Year’ were.

Lorde didn’t keep quiet about the unfair treatment against her—posting a picture on her Instagram with one of artist Jenny Holzer’s works sewn into the back of her dazzling red dress.

Despite not having won the most coveted award of the night, she wrote a letter in the New Zealand Herald dedicating her Grammy nomination to her fans and also thanking them for “believing in female musicians.” While it may come off as a dig towards The Recording Academy, it’s also proving the power and importance of women in music when they come together.

There’s no doubt Lorde can certainly bring a crowd to their feet—we’ve seen her time and time again wow an audience with her unique performances. While some might not think giving her a chance to show off her undeniable star power on the Grammys stage was necessary, we’re sure these five performances from the past year by the singer will make them think otherwise.

5. ‘Homemade Dynamite’ – MTV VMAs

It’s mandatory that we include this gem from last year’s MTV VMAs. Lorde was unfortunately under the weather and unable to sing but that didn’t stop her from delivering a performance a lot of people will never forget. Dancing along to her hit ‘Homemade Dynamite,’ Lorde was having a ball and we love her for it.

4. ‘Perfect Places’ – Nova’s Red Room 

‘Perfect Places’ is the perfect song for those who are young at heart. Lorde never fails to put her all into a performance so when she had the chance to belt out the track at Nova’s Red Room in Sydney, Australia, she definitely delivered. With the crowd singing the lyrics back to her, it gives off the vibe of a fun-loving, moving record that makes us jealous we weren’t in the audience.

3. ‘Green Light’ – BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

As the first single from ‘Melodrama,’ ‘Green Light’ set the tone for the highly anticipated LP. Known for its epic and fast-paced beat, it’s unusual for us to hear a more toned down version of the track. However, during BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, Lorde gave us a slightly different rendition that we might just favor a bit more than the original.

2. ‘Liability’ – Saturday Night Live

‘Liability’ is one of Lorde’s more personal records on her album. Touching on the subject of feeling lost and broken, it’s become an anthem for many young adults struggling to find their purpose in life, love and friendships. Alongside Jack AntonoffBleachers frontman and co-producer for ‘Melodrama’—Lorde belted out a touching, heart-wrenching performance that renders her a music icon in the making.

1. ‘Supercut’ – Vevo x Lorde

Lorde’s collaboration with Vevo allowed us a number of acoustic performances of some the best tracks from her sophomore album. While all of them are jaw-droppingly good, her version of ‘Supercut’ is at the top of our list. With the help of a very talented choir singing the chorus alongside her, we were speechless. It evoked emotions in a way we didn’t even know was possible—something Lorde seems to always do so effortlessly.

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