Louis Tomlinson fans gear up for #OperationMissYou

And it couldn’t get better they say.


The roaring army of Louis Tomlinson fans has geared up yet again to show the world why they are the best fans on the planet.

Refusing to sit silently and watch Louis’s latest single, ‘Miss You’, tumble down the radio play charts, these fans have introduced #OperationMissYou.

‘Miss You’ was released in December 2017 and subsequently performed by Louis on television in the UK, both on the ‘X Factor’ and Royal Variety. Fans were expecting a similar promo to hype the song up in the States but were baffled to see minimal promo.

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The fans have now taken it upon themselves to promote the song in the US and increase radio play by launching #OperationMissYou.

These fans have been working tirelessly to promote the song on social media, contacting radio stations and requesting them to play the song. Promotional activities have been planned from February 5-9, with each day dedicated to watching, streaming, requesting and voting for ‘Miss You’. They’ve also been reaching out to other fans, YouTubers, DJs and the general public to send in their artworks, remixes, reaction videos and covers of ‘Miss You’.

The operation culminates with a Thunderclap that has already garnered a potential reach of over 2.8 million Twitter users.

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This isn’t the first time One Direction fans have led from the front to promote new music. Fans recently got Louis’s song ‘Just Like You’ to No. 1 on the iTunes Worldwide chart. In May 2015, Project No Control was launched to orchestrate a fan-release of the song ‘No Control’  from One Direction’s fourth studio album, ‘Four’. The project trended worldwide for multiple days and was reported by several mainstream media outlets such as Billboard. The project led to a 1000% increase in the sales of the song and went on to the become the fifth largest Thunderclap project of all time, with an audience reach of over 55 million.

The organisers of #OperationMissYou are hopeful that the project will create a similar buzz around the song and lead to a significant increase in radio play, Spotify streams and YouTube views. Louis Tomlinson’s very own publicity machine of fans (that he is always vocally thankful for) is ablaze to promote Louis’s new career moves as a solo artist as the singer-songwriter prepares to release his debut solo album sometimes this spring.

Keep a lookout for the hashtag #OperationMissYou on Twitter and Tumblr, and keep participating! And don’t forget to celebrate the amazing year Louis had in 2017.

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  1. Mercutio says

    Great article!!! Will be sure to support the project!

  2. Taylor says

    Louis deserves only the best! Thanks unitedbypop for supporting opperation miss you

  3. Sarah Johnstone says

    OMG, I loved Louis in 1D. What happened

  4. Ishel says

    Amazing article. WE ARE LEGENDS

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