Harry Styles is giving you one last chance to get tickets to see him


Harry Styles and Ticketmaster are giving North American fans one last chance to get tickets to his tour later this year.

After devastated fans unable to get tickets voiced their complaints to Ticketmaster when they saw tickets pop up for sale on resale websites for 10 times the price, Ticketmaster assured everyone that 95% of tickets went to fans. “For fans that have reached out to us about the process, we are taking each and every bit of feedback extremely seriously,” they assured everyone. But what about that remaining 5%?

According to a new statement released by Ticketmaster, at Harry’s word, they combed through the ticket sales and found the ones that violated their policies. After cancelling those orders, they now have a handful of tickets to redistribute to actual fans. “There are still hundreds of thousands of you and only enough tickets for about 1%,” Ticketmaster explains. “Harry, his team, and Ticketmaster want to be as fair as possible.”


So who will get a stab at these tickets? Fans who were already verified through Ticketmaster’s #VerifiedFan process (the process that ensured 95% of tickets went to fans during the original sale) but didn’t purchase any tickets will be randomly selected to receive a code via text message. The code will allow those lucky few to purchase up to two tickets during a two-hour window on Wednesday, May 17th. Once all tickets are sold, Ticketmaster will release an announcement.

As of right now, there is no information about a similar process happening for tickets in any other country.

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